Im kinda bored…the daily prompt’s not opening so its a little difficult for me to  write anything today…but i want to do something here…so here’s a ramdom pic of mine trying to strike a pose outside a mall…do you like it?…im really looking forward to the wintry days ahead…:)

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How did i end up here?,
Alone in this small, creepy room,
A room which is haunted by the black thoughts of my mind,
They are like spirits moving everywhere,
Flying, walking, and darting towards me,
They will not let me live peacefully,
They are continously pushing me  against the wall,
Until i can take it no more…

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My school will be on top of a beautiful hill,
Surrounded by the wonderful nature,
Ill do away with math, science and arts,
Just one lesson will they learn,
They’ll learn to follow their hearts,
Just follow their hearts, and they’ll soon learn that,
Thats all they need to sail through life…

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On those last sunset yrs of my life,
There would be a painting of a piece of my life,
It would be a multitude of hues,
A multicolored piece of art,
Afterall, living life is no less than an art,
The dominant part in that piece,
Would be happiness, and so unlimited of it,
Other part would depict the demons inside my mind,
And how i killed them at the end!..

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