The thing im most scared to do is math….
And it would take me nothing to do it…
I mean, i would never do it!

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Contrary to other people’s attemps, my winged eyeliner went amazing the first time i tried it…
I thought ive mastered it…
Felt so accomplished…
Until the day i had to get up and get ready in 10 minutes flat…
Thought i could easily squeeze in a wing …
Ive mastered the art of it so well…
Until reality screamed back at me…
And i saw how ive really ‘winged’ it…
I wanted to scream in horror…
It looked like a bloody crow’s wing!
So ugly, i shrank back from myself!
Maybe in the art of wing, ive still got a long way to go…

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Its been a looong long time,
Since ive been in touch with fiction,
So caught up in my own world,
Aint got time enough,
To delve into a creative ocean,
Yeah, a creative ocean of characters,
Thats what fiction really means,
And if ive really gotta be someone in it,
Id rather be my own,
My own imaginative self,
Ill be the part of me thats hides,
Hides inside me,
Which no one gets to see,
Yeah, i think that’d be really cool!

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My mother used to dye her hair burgundy with henna when i was a kid…dont know why, but i hated that back then. I literally put a ban on her using henna which she gradually succumbed to….
Now im obsessed with dying my hair burgundy with henna…and my mother never misses a chance to tease me about it!

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I have always and will always prefer a chat over a phone call anyday, reason being, that i find that while chatting, i can say what so ever is on my mind, and by whatsoever, i mean WHAT SO EVER!.When im chatting, my feelings get translated into words so easily and before i know, my hands start typing them down!…on the other hand, during a phonecall, i just am at a loss of words to express my feelings and emotions. The three reasons why i would prefer a chat over a phonecall anyday are:

1) Many times, during a phonecall, especially if we are purchasing a product, due to some or the other reason, there is always something left that we forget to ask. We find about it later and curse ourselves over our forgetfullness, whereas in a chat, there are less chances of forgetting to ask or enquire about the specific product.

2)Phonecall is not really a very good option for shy people like me who cant get to express themselves fully while talking. Chat, on the other hand, is definitely a very good option for us who can say whatever is on their mind, or rather write whatever is on their mind which we might not get to do while talking.

3)Sometimes, especially, if we are purchasing a product, and if we’ve got to enquire about a product from the customer care, language may become a barrier. In such cases, it is best to chat rather than talk as in a chat, there are bettar chances to explain the person on the other end what doubts you’ve got about that particular product and its also easier for the other person to clear those doubts.

so yeah, these were my three reasons why i always prefer a chat over a phonecall.Honestly, i love chatting but i really am averse to talking!

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What is your fave color?
My fave color is white….plain white of the snow

In what do you find the simplest of joy?
I find the simplest of joy in the taste that i get when i eat food hungrily…in my view, thats the true taste of food….also, when i hit bed after a long, tiring day and close my eyes and immediately find myself in the lap of sleep…thats true joy in my view

What is atleast one of your fave quotes
My all time fave quote is: your mind is everything, what you think, you become- buddha

What are you greatful for from the last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
This may sound really bad but honestly, Im greatful for nothing from the past week..i dont even want to think about this past week (though i really hope to be greatful for something in the coming week) and im looking for the speedy completion of my syllabus in the coming week…my semester is just about to come and im damn nervous about it…