I still remember those long long nights,
Long black nights of my early life,
Cuddled up with my father,
Falling asleep to the sound of desert rose,
That was his favourite song,
The faintest tune of that song,
Still wields the power in itself,
To tranport me back to those nights,
Those beautiful childhood nights,
That sweet sweet melody slowly lulling me to deep deep sleep…

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Ive still got fond memories of that house,
The house where i took birth,
It was not a big one,
But was not too small,
It was something in the middle,
The size dosnt matter what really does,
Is the warmth, the love,  and the care,
That i felt always, it was always there,
I could not imagine life elsewhere,
It always smelled mainly of three things that i loved and still do,
And that was food, food and food,
Oh! How ‘tasty’ were those childhood days!…

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Once upon a decade ago,
The front of my then house,
Which i called a park,
Was in some olden days,
Full of kids buzzing around,
We were always upto something,
Making plans, excitement all around,
I still remember that feeling,
That electric atmosphere all around,
We were small girls growing up,
Who saw their world in a different light every day,
Cos every new day brought something new for us,
Constantly learning about the world around us,
We thought we would grow up together,
Unless transfers of our families took place,
With a stone in our heart,
We whispered a goodbye to each other,
The chain of our fairytale like days together,
Forever disrupted…

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Back when i was a girl of ten,
I got selected to sing at school,
I heard the selector saying to someone else,
Her hand was at me,
And i could make out her sentence,
She said i sing well,
That i should be in front of the line!,
A decade has passed since then,
But that day’s still fresh  on my mind,
And everytime i think about it,
I cant help but to smile,
Didnt pursued that singing ahead after that time,
I really wanted to,
But maybe i got caught up in life,
Still today when noone’s around,
I start to sing, but the voice dosnt come out as i plan,
Its then that i reminince with a sigh,
That long forgotten talent,
Which maybe could have been mine….

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If i maybe a six yr old kiddie,
Even if its only for a day,
I would make the best of that lil time,
Afterall, one day passes so quickly away !,
Its just not enough to live so freely,
Without a care in this world,
In this world which is full of miseries,
Imagine being free like a bird!

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It was a lazy, lazy sunday,
I was flopped up on my couch,
Sifting through the channels,
I was hoping something good to watch,
So that i could kill some time around,
But nothing came on to my surprise,
Just ads, ads everywhere,
Ads kinda bored me down,
But just at the second i was about to sift,
Sift through a channel again,
The ad coming on it caught me down,
And i stopped to watch it again,
It was about an anti aging creme,
Which was made for twenty somethings just like me,
It said you bettar start taking care of your skin,
Cos now it is well prone to aging,
Now that your well past your teens,
Your skin needs a little more care,
Start as early as you can,
Cos afterall now you are,
No more a child again!

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oh! how i wish to spend another day,
just one more day with my granny,
to eat her cooked food,
to listen to her stories,
long forgotten stories of long forgotten days,
i just wanna spend a hot summer noon,
inside the house with her and her food,
eating and listening to her,
just like the way i used to as a child,
those days were beautiful,
i didnt realize it then,
i loved her so much,
i didnt realize it then,
and only realized it now,
when she got away,
got away forever..