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Beauty eats me up from the inside….it hurts me from within…i just wanna feel beautiful…
im a 21 yr old who loves spending my parent’s money… here, im just trying to give a meaning to my thoughts by writing them down…
the title of my blog ‘the undaunted blue madness of my life’ is taken from Jeebnanananda Da’s poem ‘windy night’ and the meaning of the title is an ‘unbound joy for life’ which i try to feel everyday as i wake up…
im really grateful to all of those who follow my blog or comment on my posts or like them…im not really a great writer…but it really means a lot to me!

thats me

thats me

CYMERA_20140614_214653 me with my sister[/caption]


35 thoughts on “About

  1. your about page link is not available on home page, i tried just typing about on address bar, got to check this page.
    request if you can provide a link of this page on your home page. See you in flying air.

  2. Hey, Thanks for liking my post. I couldn’t help but stumble across your blog and just wanted to say that you are beautiful, and from reading from your posts and style of writing, I know you have a beautiful soul too. (saying this in a non-creepy way!) haha


  3. The first thing that comes to my mind after seeing your blog page is You are very pretty. I read your blogs and, like you, they too are very lovely. Very deep thoughts of yours and probably, very personal too. I am not sure why you do not consider yourself as a great writer. You are already writing them so well, and have been practicing writing so much by writing so many blogs of late. Keep doing it.

    Do visit my blogs as well. Thanks and All the Best.

  4. Yes you are identical and look pretty cool.Remember the dual concept I told you earlier?
    Anyways,I liked your blog.You talk about whatever is in your mind and heart and that makes it nice.Keep up the good work.I’ll try and be a regular reader 🙂

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