How did i end up here?,
Alone in this small, creepy room,
A room which is haunted by the black thoughts of my mind,
They are like spirits moving everywhere,
Flying, walking, and darting towards me,
They will not let me live peacefully,
They are continously pushing me  against the wall,
Until i can take it no more…

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The full moon came
On an auspicious night
I looked out of the window
To see its naked sight
I waited for my transformation
Into someone else
Someone whom ill not recognise
Someone who’ll probably not
Know me back
I waited and waited
Until i got tired
And turned away to my bed
There was nothing happening to me anymore
Its all nothing
But a bloody crapload of shit
I cursed and got to sleep…


No animals in my life,
Neither do i plan on having some,
Dont really like them,
But its not like i hate them,
I just had a terrible, Experience once with them,
Back during my childhood,
When a puppy named Tuffy,
Used to make me go all crazy,
The moment i got out of my house,
He would run after me,
Scaring the daylights out of me,
Making me pee in my pants,
Till i could take his terror no more,
Hes the one responsible,
For my dislike of his breed,
I wish i could forget him,
But oh he is so painfully ingrained in my memories….