Just like that! Duhh!

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It was a lazy, lazy sunday,
I was flopped up on my couch,
Sifting through the channels,
I was hoping something good to watch,
So that i could kill some time around,
But nothing came on to my surprise,
Just ads, ads everywhere,
Ads kinda bored me down,
But just at the second i was about to sift,
Sift through a channel again,
The ad coming on it caught me down,
And i stopped to watch it again,
It was about an anti aging creme,
Which was made for twenty somethings just like me,
It said you bettar start taking care of your skin,
Cos now it is well prone to aging,
Now that your well past your teens,
Your skin needs a little more care,
Start as early as you can,
Cos afterall now you are,
No more a child again!

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The room where im currently residing,
Looks like a really hot mess,
On the left you can see an almirah,
Which has been forcefully shut,
Its like as if a dead man’s corpse is hidden inside there,
That seems like a perfect reason,
For its doors to be so forcefully shut,
But no that is definitely not the reason,
After all, this is not the room of a criminal,
Its the room of a girl,
And thats why those doors are so tightly shut,
To prevent the clothes from spilling out,
Otherwise the room looks so plain,
It looks like a rented apartment,
But this is the place which is the closest to its owner,
Closest to my heart…..