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Todays blogging201 assignment tells us to write about why exactly we write our blog and what goals do we want to accomplish with our blog.
Heres my answer to the first question: im being completely honest here, the reason why i started blogging was because i was damn bored and had nothing to do with my time and i thought that through blogging, i could kill some time easily…it gave me (and is still giving me) something to look forward each day…you know, when you hit the publish button to get your post in front of the world you really get a kind of excitement thinking about how many people would have liked it, or what kind of reaction they might give out in the form of comments….all this adds a little excitement to my dry life and i look forward to it each day and i wish to become a bettar and bettar writer with each passing day…i really wish to express myself in a bettar way in future….this is why i write…i love those people who express themselves, their feelings, their emotions in a beautiful manner and i wish to become one of them someday…also, i write because some of the thoughts that roam in my mind are utterly incoherent, i sometimes feel bad about those things about which i cant do anything…writing these things down helps me to sort them out in my mind and differentiate between relevant and irrelevant thoughts….
Goals that i want to achieve with my blog:
I just want to achieve one goal with my blog, that is, i want more people to read what i write and give their feedback regarding it….i used to blog before in blogger that which is powered by google….honestly, i hated the whole experience!…it seemed like i was the only animal prouncing about in a big jungle!…there was no reader, no feedback, no nothing!….the process of writing becomes even more enjoyable when you know that people are going to read it…if no one is going to be reading it, then its bettar that you keep those thoughts inside your own head!….im glad wordpress differs greatly from blogger in this aspect!
So yeah, thats all i got for today’s challenge…hope i made some sense 😉


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