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Its soo hot here i literally start dripping with sweat the moment i switch off the fan…there’s a whole month and a half more left for me to pass like this…a month and a half more of bearing these sweaty, scorchingly hot summer days….the only thing i love about them is that i get to munch upon frozen fruits….im literally eating chilled fruits all day long and downing glass after glass of water…fruits for breakfast and fruits for lunch, nothing else and im loving it!….im really unproductive these days…got nothing to do…i wish my college start soon but i know that when they’ll start, ill want them to end soon…but what i really wanna do is fly away to some hill station, one which is on a very high altitude, which has got lots of hills and beautiful sights to see…i hope to find a nice coffee house amidst the hills and the chill and sip on cup after cup of coffee with biscuits, while the cool weather there will make the hot coffee taste even bettar….ahh! That would be perfect!
I really hope to make a trip like this, perhaps a weekend trip but i want it to be more than just a two day trip…i wish to spend all of my holidays in a coffee house in a cool place farwaway from my home and gulp glass after glass of coffee alongwith sugary biscuits with the people i love…my mom, dad, sister, and cousins…and we’ll be cracking jokes, laughing and just being happy….
I think this is just what i really want right now…


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