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I had a nightmare today, during the early hours of morning…i cant even bring myself to write it here, it was so bad…it was about my granny and my aunt..my granny’s been dead for more than a year now, but i keep having dreams
of her where she’s alive and it all feels so, so real…anyway, the nightmare i had today shook me completely, i woke up shuddering…thank, thank god it was not real! Im just thanking god for it….ive always wondered at the power of these dreams and nightmares to make things seem so real and genunine while we are having them…its only when we get up do we realize that all this was just…nothing!….ive had some beautiful dreams in the past where ive gotten up to dissapointment as they were not real…just some scenarios and situations that my head had created, not what i can actually feel or see in reality…but the one i had today….thank god reality of my life is so much bettar than that shit i had to endure in my sleep today!



  1. Glad the nightmare disappeared for you. Sometimes you can not only dream about people who have died… you can also think you see them when you are awake… until you realize you can’t have done. I suppose it is the mind playing tricks on us.

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