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As im keeping myself confined to the four walls of my house, and trying not to think too hard about my life, the outside of my house, or, more precisely the weather has been sweltering hot…no one can literally step out of their house during the day time without being subjected to the torture of intense heat…ugh I hate it! I just hate this weather…cant wait for it to get over!…
Last night, i heard the sound of the first raindrops of the season outside and it felt soo good! I think this constant heat had played havoc with my mood and the sound of that rain, wow it just lifted my mood up and i felt cool, just like the cool breeze that blew outside my house…
Im in two thoughts regarding these holidays…on the one hand, i want them to get over asap but on the other, if they do get over, ill have to get outside everyday in this scorching heat…i dont know, its like im enjoying staying at home doing what i want to do the whole day, but on the other, im aching to get out..finish up my master’s and just do something with my life…i dont know, it really hurts when i look at people with established careers…i dont know if ill ever have one…anyway, time never stops but i feel like it has just stopped for me here in these holidays…but it is ticking away..just one more month and a couple more days are left of these ‘vacations’….i hope they go well and i figure out what i really wanna do with life…


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