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Happy mother’s day! Honestly, i find this day to be just as plain and ordinary as any other day and i still dont get the concept of picking out a day from the whole year and celebrating it as mother’s day whereas you can show love to your mother each and every day without even feeling the need to celebrate this day…this is the time when  facebook and whatsapp profile photos of people im in touch with show them with their mommies and all their status reflecting how much they love their mothers…i, for some reason, find all this a bit too cheesy…but, thats just my opinion…
Also,media hypes up this day so much that i wonder how those would feel who dont have their mothers with them anymore, or those who never never got the love of their mothers to begin with….this time, im especially thinking about them because my very close cousin’s mother has never been much of a mother to her…she derives all her strength from her dad and later in this year, her parents are about to get divorced…media, by hyping up days like these a little too much, dont even care how people like my cousin would feel….
Anyway, this is just how i feel about the whole thing…all this is just an opinion, ya know…


2 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

  1. I agree with you,To me it sounds like a marketing gimmick,a trick to manipulate us.Why in the world would you need a special day to show some love to your awesome mother.She is awesome on any other day,right?
    And yes,what about those whose mothers aren’t with them anymore,they really didn’t get to spend time with them.Weren’t their mothers loving?
    This goes for every day we have made up,we need to stop that and be real.Wishing your mom on facebook which she doesn’t uses really really tells her how much you love her.

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