Yesterday, an earthquake came in my city…not exactly in my city, in several other cities of my country…
It came around 11:00-11:30 am in the morning i guess…i was sleeping at that time….the earthquake was a very violent one….i vaguely remember myself in the middle of a dream slightly aware of feeling my bed shaking….the thought that it might be an earthquake didnt even cross my mind!….instead, i felt like i was in a ride and was simply enjoying that shaking!….after a while i thought that this looked similar to the shaking of the bed in those horror movies like the exorcist and imagined myself as the next Emily Rose!….then after a while, i thought that my sister must be shaking it….
Little did i realize that it was because of a violent earthquake that destroyed and took the lives of many people!
And here was i, simply enjoying it….ahh! The eccentricities of life!


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