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Im gonna write or list all thats in my mind right now :1)im in love with working out these days..i dont know why, but i feel so refreshed after working out and the whole experience of eating dinner becomes so much bettar!
2)weight training’s really helping me to get to sleep these days. Moreover, its giving me such a sound sleep that i dont get up before 12:00pm in the afternoon!
3)even though my final exams are on my head, im calorie restricting my diet more than ever before! Its a little scary
4)speaking of final exams, even though im not showing it, but im really scared of them. Theres this particular paper about which im really scared…i hope i make it through!
5) i really wish for my exams to be over as soon as possible…im really sick of studying all the time.

Thats it…thats what going on in my life right now!



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