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The story of my life
I dont think needs a review
A life well lived
Dosnt need an assessment
Im a nobody
And reviews are for somebody’s
Some day, maybe ten years down the line
When ill make something out of this life
Maybe then i
Or my life
Call it what you want
Will be eligible
For a review
Till then
i can only hope
That i get no less than four stars! 😉



11 thoughts on “FOUR STARRED REVIEW

  1. Nobody can review your life but you yourself. You need not prove anyone else in this world if you are nobody or somebody. It’s your life and your way of living it. Just live it way you want so that when you look back you get the feeling of contentment and satisfaction. A feeling of life well lived. A feeling of giving it 5 stars out of 5.

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  4. Amazing. This is what they call keeping feet on ground and eyes on the moon. So beautifully you expressed your fire to excel while accepting the fact that a lot needs to be done. A lovely piece it was 🙂

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