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Why do things like these happen? They do not make any sense, still they leave me heartbroken…
Last week, while i was roaming in a park cum tourist hotspot of my city, i came across a bunch of boys playing football…they were clearly not of my country which was obvious by the language they spoke and the complexion of their skin…one of the guy out of them was constantly looking at me…i didnt mind his gaze as he was damn cute….by the time i started walking to go out of the place, i was stopped by him….he asked me if i could be his friend…on looking him closely, i found he had piercing brown eyes to which i took an instant like….yeah, the guy was too cute…he asked me for my number and politely asked me if i could take a walk with him…when i said i had to go, he asked me if i would be here tommorow to which i replied in the affirmative….
Next day, he was there as usual…we walked and talked, it was a very pleasant experience…a very welcome break from my everyday life…i found out that he was from afghanistan and had come to study here…during our time together in the park, he made it blatantly obvious that he liked me and said that was the reason why he couldnt keep his gaze off me yesterday…i didnt know how to respond to this though i was feeling very happy inside…it was true that i had also taken a fancy to this boy….
I celebrated my birthday with him….we ate a small chocolate truffle in a near empty mall, but just when i thought everything was alright i found out that he has to go back to his country since his dad is calling him back…today is his last day here..he is going back tommorow…
We spent a wonderful one week together and though i know that one week is too short of a time to get so attached to someone, i still find myself thinking about him time and again and asking god that if this was how it was to end, then why did it all start in the first place?


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