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Its been a long long time since i posted anything! Please accept my apologies for that. Anyway,
Its international happiness day today!!
For all of my life, as long as i can remember, ive struggled with negativity, bad thoughts which just wont go, and the feeling of being unworthy to deserve the “goodlife”.
Guess what, i found out that all, each, and everyone of us deserve to live the “goodlife” . Its the one gift that life gives us, and if we spend all our lives being miserable, then that means that we are not accepting that gift which life has laid down before us. We need to open up our eyes and grab that gift as soon as we can!
Ive compiled a set of notes which i always look up to first thing in the morning in order to start my day on a happy note. I hope they come in handy for the person reading this post too.
Sadness is a waste of time.
Life is a gift, wake up and realize that.
Be happy, it drives people crazy!
Happy people always show gratitude for whatever they have.
Life is really simple, its we who complicate it.
When your thoughts make you feel unhappy, remember that you can change them!
Eat healthy, sleep tight, exercise, and be happy.

And my favourite,
Today, i choose to be happy!

Have a happy day!



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