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Smoking- the habit was given to me about 6 months ago by a new friend of mine…she asked me if i wanted to try it,  handed me one, lighted hers, inhaled, and on the exhale, told me to ‘live and let live’. At that time, i was barely able to smoke even half of that stick. After that day, all i can remember is speedily finishing up one of my semester paper and repeatedly looking at my watch in the hope of the clock striking 1:00pm asap so that i could go outside and smoke..
during the big break between our classes, my friend, my sister and i, we go outside the campus, buy a packet of those sticks, light them up, and wander into a long stretch until the university completely dissappears from our eyes….my friend talks about her grandpa who’s in the last stage of lung cancer and who lies the whole day on the bed. She says that her grandpa has never smoked!….from this, she concludes that maybe a ciggarette is not such a bad idea afterall!….i talk about my grandmom who, during her last days was completely confined to bed….we are all scared of oldage…especially because we all have seen the ruthlessness it inflicts…my friend wonders when will her grandpa die simply because she knows that there’s just nothing left in his life anymore….
And, so, we inhale a bit deeper, wander around a little more, revel in the warmth that the sun above gives us in this season of cold, ignore the stares of the people around, talk about our future plans, wonder where this life will take us, what is in store for us ahead and conclude, that we all wanna die young….and honestly, this is the best time of my day!


2 thoughts on “A BAD CONFESSION!

    • I know its bad, to be honest, im really not a regular smoker, im a passive one…it seems necessary to me sometimes, although ill make sure it dosnt get to me completely!

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