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Reasons why i love winters

1) sleeping late in the morning till the afternoon sun rays knock at your windows, with the blanket wrapped all over the body is an experience worth experiencing only in winters…ahh! the warmth, the coziness, the luxury of it all!…
2) in winters, i dont know why, but i am automatically motivated to workout…i dont have to push myself to get up from the couch and start working my ass off…i just feel ready for any kind of exercise…maybe its because the heat that it generates which keeps the cold away from me for a while…either way, i just love moving my body more in winters unlike in summers where working out feels like a bloody torture with sweat dripping from my face even before ive actually started working out!
3) enjoying a cup of hot tea  is one of the simple joys of life…the whole experience of drinking that hot cup or a hot glass of tea becomes even more worth experiencing in winters with its warmth spreading out slowly and gently throughout the body…and even before i know, that cup is finished and im left with nothing but warmth…i love it!
4) the winter wind makes my skin remain in a perfectly fine condition till the night, unlike in summers where my skin turns into a greaseball by the mid morning! Im really indebted to winters for this!

Reasons why i hate winters

1) the extreme difficulty that i encounter while getting up in the morning especially when ive got to get up early….i feel my blanket, my bed and my pillow calling out to me and ive got to ignore their voices and get up feeling like hell!
2) in winters, i get hungry like crazy and it takes a lot of effort on my part to not overeat or overindulge…i feel like im hungry all the time in winters! The winter sweets give me such a mental torture lol!
3) i hate the cold slaps of the winter wind on my face when im walking down the street, and the way it first turns my fingers, and then my whole body into a brick of ice!
4) i hate the constant effort on my part to keep myself warm in winters…im always cold and i really get angry when i have to take my hands out of my jacket pockets to feel them getting cold in a second, thus wasting my whole damn effort to keep them warm!
I have a love/hate relationship with this weather…honestly, i love a wintery december but during january when it gets a bit too cold, my whole body starts breaking up!



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