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Its funny how tiredness can play a bad as well as a good role in life…
Tiredness,for me, plays both these roles…
I sometimes feel so tired of living this life, i just feel like running away to somewhere far away or doing something completely out of this world…my life goes round and round in the same circle of which im kinda sick by now….
Yet, sometimes this tiredness makes me want more of it…i dont know, like today…today is one of those days where i escape from the kind of tiredness described above and experience a different kind of it…my day is coming to an end, its night here now and in a couple of hours ill be asleep…and by now im so damn tired that i cannot even get up properly without the help of a slight support….yeah, im that tired…today was just one of those days where i suddenly, by the grace of god, got the power to work my a#@ off…i worked out at home, went for a run, then worked out some more with machines….im soo sore right now…its even hard for me to properly laugh or cough right now coz the muscles in my stomach are sore..tiredness has engulfed me…
and i, im feeling happy today…


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