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There is just nothing to write about from the past one week or so…im having an overload of those days where i get up in the early afternoon, work my way through my own self made routine, get a little bored, but by the time i eat my dinner i wonder where the whole day went through…there’s just nothing special about these days but i still dont want them to finish…alas! They are really coming to end…no more whiling away the time doing nothing, no more staying up late night in front of my tv blaring ariana grande, one direction, taylor swift, katy perry hehe…im still a kid when it comes to music;),no more thinking hard, thinking hard about life….(thats a good thing!)…my college’s staring from tommorow! wish me luck for this semester please! 😉


4 thoughts on “JUST BLAHHH…

  1. I know what you mean… for me, the real world wants me back on friday… sitting in class all day, studying all night… oh how much I will miss these past days of doing absolutely nothing but eating and sleeping…
    Good luck! 😉

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