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Yesterday, i accompanied my father as he went to a holy city in my country to perform the last rites of my grandmother so that her spirit could rest in peace…its about to be a year since granny passed away and the tears of my grief over her loss had been frozen away but during these last rites, they came alive…i thought i would make it through the whole process without crying, afterall, no one was crying…but when the man performing the ritual told my father to picture her as she was during the last time he saw her when she was alive and then perform some ritual, i could not hold on any longer…the last time i saw her when she was alive, she was perfectly fine…perfectly fine, yet just minutes away from her death…the last person she talked to was me…she told me to switch off her room’s light and go…i switched off the light and went, only to find her dead when i came back again…i still wonder how could a women looking completely fine became dead in a span of a few minutes of me going away from her room and then returning to her room again…
God took her away from me too soon…she could have watched me grow a little more…i could have spent more time with her…throughout the time that she was alive, i was too damn blind to her love…and now when she’s no more, i crave for her love…


My father says, if you believe that there’s god,  a higher power, watching us, then there’s really a god,…if you dont believe that there’s god, then there’s really no god….i truly believe that there’s a higher power….i dont know why, but i really do believe….Whenever i look up at the sky to the sun, in the early morning, believing the sun to be a god, this is my only complain to him…but there’s no use in complaining now…


2 thoughts on “LAST RITES

  1. That’s the power death possesses,it takes a split second to snatch a person away.It indeed is a great loss that you have suffered.
    I on the other hand never saw my father’s parents(my grandparents)and they never saw me.
    Staying strong is the key I believe.

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