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I just made a trip to south India…it ended today…throughout my trip, what struck me most was the difference in culture, people, and, ofcourse, the climate between this place and the place where i reside, i.e, Delhi…it was like getting to know a different side of my country…the people there are so warm…even the person who acted like my guide for a few days was such a kind and nice man! and this goes out not just for him, even my driver was so nice…our world needs more people like them….the place as a whole is so awfully beautiful and unique that ive completely fallen in love with it!…there is something different about the architecture of the south indian temples…they are so deeply decorated that one can look at them for hours….and admire their beauty….and, needless to say, i ate plenty of south indian food which is, ofcourse, delicious…on the whole, i felt like i was visiting an India, an India slightly back in time, an India of some 50 years back…i dont know why, but i got this feel throughout my trip…maybe its not true…maybe its just the way i see it….
Inspite of all the wonderful offerings that i got from this place, my heart kept wanting to return to my home…i dont know why…there was  a plain contradiction with me…i loved the place, the people and the food, but i was literally counting the days left for me to return home…i was missing delhi, i was missing my bed….maybe im a true citygirl at heart…i dont know…id rather live in a polluted, overpopulated, unemployed, heavy traffic, nightlife overloaded city than in a hilly, developing, yet beautiful place/city/village (i dont know what to call it, its something in between them)
Not to say that i didnt like that place….honestly, i loved that place and i definitely hope to visit it again in the future…one word which describes it is unique…ive never seen the kind of places that i saw there…the place has got lots of sites totally worth seeing….


This place…it was a part of a village called glenn morgan….and oh my god! It was soo daaamn peaceful, quiet, isolated and serene…i can sit here for hours on end, hearing the soft whisper of the river water and thinking about life….


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