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Vent post…no need to read this…its just for me
My mom…i only love her cos she loves me…and thats not the way you shud love your mom…i really dont think thats the way…she disappoints me, time and again…every damn time she gives me a reason to believe that she dosnt have even an iota of trust in me…im tired of her…i dont think i actually like her anymore, the way i used to as a kid….another fact being that shes my complete opposite…in nature as well as in thinking….
I sometimes feel like running away….running away from my house, leaving my parents behind…by now, ive lost count of how many times ive had these thoughts to run away from home…leaving a letter to my family saying that i cant handle it anymore…honestly, im crying as im writing this post…i havnt posted anything in so many days, but i didnt think that ill write such a hateful post after such a long time, and that too for my mom…..im sorry if ive ruined the day of any of the person reading this….my life is nothing but a bundle of contradictions and conflicts…



  1. Breathe and meditate… After the water stops rippling the path becomes clear. Once you are calm, try to talk to your mom understanding that she might not know how you are feeling. I use to not like my mom either but that had changed and in time it will for you too.

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