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No one even knows about this bird called thanksgiving where i live
Maybe Im being a little hypocrite here
Cos i myself dont know much about it
Its just from fleeting references here and there
That i can make out what i can make out of it
And what i can make out of it
Is its meaning in a crudest, form
Thank whomsoever you wanna thank
So here goes my list of people
They are an essential part of my living
Still i dont give them their due
I treat them like ‘service providers’
Show them my love only when i have to get something out of them
Still they continue showering me with their love
And waste themselves on me
Here’s to you mom and dad
Im sorry for all that you have to face
Because of no one but me
Thank you for letting me waste your money
Wasting them away in the name of enjoying a ‘goodlife’
Maybe ill earn one day
Maybe….im not too sure
But when i do ill try to fulfill all your wishes
I know you two have got a world of them
Hidden inside your heart
Ill try to fulfill them as much as i could
But for the timebeing
Thank you for fulfilling mine…..


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