Home » life » TO THE GUY WHO LOVED ME…


you started out with a chat

but i knew too well what you had in your back

you tried to take care of me  like a friend

but that care had connotations of something else

you tried to mask your love

when you took care of me

and when you couldnt hold it inside  any longer

you hurled it all out

hurled it all out on me

but it did not get reciprocated

it was just a one sided love

which couldnt possibly be

we i was not made for each other you

and that is why your love got nothing

but an abrupt ending from me

it is all long over now

i only hope you stay blessed

my rejection is just my affection towards you

it does not mean youre less than anyone else

if anything, it just means

your made for someone else…




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