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She feels the time flying out the window
The time she tried so hard to stop
She’d like to believe that life was not so short
That the days dont fly in the blink of an eye
Days, which give way to years
Years, which slip by in front of her
Making her doubt their definition as years
Because they seem like days to her
Days which make her feel more and more archaic with each passing moment
She feels a spasm inside her
Spasm of pain she could not understand
Was it the pain of her years slipping by?
Making her more and more grey with their end
And taking her more and more closer to her end?
Or was it the pain of living an unfulfilled life
Unfulfilled hopes, wishes, plans, dreams and desires
All of which seem to fulfill only in her dream
Her dream, in which she saw herself as a bird
A bird just out of her cage
A bird with newly accquired freedom
Ready to take on the world
Not afraid of any obstacles
She needed the warmth of the cage
Her mind needed that
But her heart didnt
She found herself defying the odds
She found herself ‘living a life’
Reality was never so wonderful
A shrill voice opened her eyes
How did she come back?
She would have never come back
Maybe this was the reality and the other one’s just a dream….



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