Home » personal » ALL SHE EVER WANTED


All she ever wanted
Was beauty
Looked at all those picture perfect faces
Till the time she couldnt look at them anymore
Wondered what it was like to own ‘beauty’
And why was it so diffiult to own it
And why was it the hegemony of only a few
That was the one thing she ever wanted
So dearly
Shes been called vain
But that dosnt deter her from chasing this vain’ness’
She believed she was one of those girls
Until life showed her the true mirror
‘God discriminated me’
Was what she held against him
Beauty…it hurts her from the inside
Tortures her from within
But its something that she  wants all the more
A dangerous obsession with it
She knew she had
‘Not beautiful enough’ was what she felt
She wonders why
Its so difficult to feel beauty
Her mind constantly engaged
In a battle with herself
All her ears ever wish to hear
Is ‘your  beautiful’
That was what made her day
And the absence of it
Could break her day….


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