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i heard a story long time ago

there was something about it, got stuck in my mind

i can recall it now at any time of the day

there was a young girl, who felt out of place

she stayed somewhere, but belonged elsewhere

people encountered her everyday on the street

they thought they saw her, but it was not really she

it was just her physical presence

what really was to her no one saw

until one day, she was nowhere to be found

a search took place for her, time and again

but she had already ran to a faraway place

a place where she really belonged

or thought she belonged….




11 thoughts on “A STORY ABOUT HER…

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  2. I read it twice. I like it. Like someone, I am wondering where she disappeared to. Had she escaped from her marital home to which she later returned? Many questions. A sign of great writing. Bravo!

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