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Mom and dad live happily married,
So in love with each other,
One cant live without the other,
They share all their secrets together,
If he says he’ll go on early,
She says she will follow him,
For she cant remain  without him a second,
And hes more than pleased,
And iam…well, im left behind,
They love each other more than me,
Although she makes it look otherwise,
Maybe they love me just like she shows,
But love me just a little less,
Their love for me is less than what,
What they share with each other,
And why cant i just shake this feeling,
Shake this feeling off me,
That they are looking after me oh so well,
But looking after me for the sake of ‘looking after me well’,
Looking after me just to complete their duty,
Their primary duty towards me….

[ everyday i enter into a new conflict with my parents…uggh! I feel like a teenager again! :/ ]


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