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Ive been down with fever, cough and cold for the past three days now…the right part of my nose is completely blocked and my throat hurts like hell!…the overall feeling, is, therefore, a totally fucked up one…im a mess right now….
Situations like this one, or, more precisely, all those times when im sick my mind wanders back to the time when i was 5 years old…i used to be a very weak kid…i was the one who was always ill…a little weather change and i would be down with heavy fever….god knows how many times i was hospitalised…according to my father, i would land up in a hospital every other day!…infact, i have an interesting association with common cold…as a child, i used to suffer heavily from it….having common cold is normal, but if you get too much of it,  then it becomes kind of a problem….my parents saw me struggling with cold every other day, be it winters or summers and they took me to a hospital to find out what was wrong with me and why did i suffer from it continously….i was diagnosed with ‘adenoid’….adenoids are a patch of tissue that protect kids from getting sick…they dissappear in the teenage years when our body develops bettar ways of fighting germs….but occasionally, the adenoids themselves get infected and they become swollen….this results in an extremely stuffy nose and the child suffers tremendously from it….this was exactly what happnned with me…after struggling immensely with common cold, i got my infected adenoids removed….ahhh! It was such a bliss to breathe with my unblocked nose after such a long time!….suddenly, i could smell and the world smelled sooo good to me!
Another incident that my mind wanders to in times like this is a bright summer day when i was six and was down with 103 degree fever….inspite of my fever, i went to school…it was a mistake as going to school aggravated my fever and by the time i came back home it had reached 105…there was no one at home at the time….only me and my sister….i lied down in my bed and closed my eyes…and opened them again….i could not close them…they felt soo hot when i closed them that i had to open them….i could not speak anything…my sister, same age as me, was terrified to see me like this and made a call to father and asked him to come home as soon as he could….my father arrived after some time and the minute he opened the door of the house she asked him if i was going to die soon!….and if this is the last time she is seeing me!….this incident never fades out of my memory and everytime im sick im reminded of this….its funny what our small minds make up of some incidences in childhood…


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