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My father’s got a heart to live,
A heart with which he scolds me,
And a heart with which he loves me,
A heart  as big as a lion,
The only drawback is that its weak,
He cant run with it,
He cant scream with it,
A little pressure on it and  it tears up,
Hes inherited it from his mother,
So my father said he’ll sew it away,
Sew, sew, sew, sew, sew
Sew all the torn parts of his heart,
All those parts that are troubling him night and day,
He’ll mend them once and for all,

His heart is sewed up now,
Oh what a relief to me,
Now he can watch me grow some more,
Grow some more in front of his eyes,
In front of his sewtended (extended by sewing) life…..

P.S. this is a poem i penned for my father whos going to have his angioplasty tommorow…hes also going to get stents in his arteries…


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