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she dosnt know where her life leads her,

dosnt know what shes doing will turn out to be right or wrong for her,

although people tell her its right,

but her heart feels otherwise,

she longs to make something out of her,

longs to make everything right,

the culprit is her life,

which never seems to make anything go right,

she compares her life to an unknown, unseen apparition,

always haunting her,

never letting her suceed,

shes got a life every sane women could wish for,

then why does living it feels so wearying?,

maybe because shes got a life,

a life which looks very normal from the outside,

but only her heart knows how abnormal it is,

how abnormal it is from the inside,

loss of direction, loss of roads, loss of a sense of vision,

thats all shes seen till now,

doors closing before shes able to enter,

she knows the pattern by now,

she tries hard to deviate from the path,

the path that her life takes her in,

but deviating from that path would mean the end,

the end of her life?!

she wonders whats in store for her,

in store for her soul after her end,

will it be bettar than what it is right now?,

she longs for the answer to be yes,


its only the body that dies,

body that runs out of life,

the soul is a different thing altogether,

it continues to live on forever….



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