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I had a friend back when i was four,
Four years old,
He was a decade older than me,
Fourteen years old,
We used to play with my toy trains,
It was only Barbie, Ken and us,
All day, everyday he never forgot to miss ‘us’,
We used to play and play till the day flew by,
Until one day i kept on waiting and he didnt come,
That was when my mum told me he’ll never return,
My eyes filled up, it was the first bad news,
The first bad news of my life,
I scolded my mum, for saying what she said,
But she was afterall right,
Years flew by and hard as i tried i saw no sign of him,
Until one day he graced me with his familiar presence,
How you been?, where you been?,
Was all i could utter,
Before i saw a shadow coming into life beside him,
I wondered who was this stranger,
He understood my expression,
Like the way he used to a long time ago,
Shes my lady, my beautiful wife,
Was all i could make out….



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