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I love the unknownness of a bus,
Or a train,
Or a plain,
The very strangeness of it all,
Strangeness between two individuals,
Sitting on the same seat,
No need for acknowledgement,
No need of a friendly gesture,
No need to even exchange glances,
Or fake up a smile,
No one who knows your story,
Where youve been, where you are heading,
I love to see different faces,
Roaming about in pool of people,
For the sake of carrying on their lives,
From their talk, from their walk,
I try to imagine their life,
I love the insignificance of that relationship,
I share with the person sitting next to me,
The one who will never know me,
I love that close to invisible relationship,
I share with the person adjacent to me,
Who’ll never know me,
And when the time comes for me to get off,
The time when that relationship comes to a close,
I sometimes marvel how it dosnt even hurt at all,
To see the face of that stranger,
Sitting by my side,
For the last time in my life…


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