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There was movie which i always saw in pieces,
Those pieces kept me glued to it,
But i couldnt watch the whole,
There was a handsome man in the movie about whom i dreamed,
And his lovely lady also in the movie who i wished to be,
I imagined myself to be that women riding with that man,
Until one day i got to embody all of her in my face!,
Imagine my joy when i woke up to this and saw myself in the mirror,
My fantasies all came alive when i found myself by his side!,
I saw the movie rolling out in front of me,
Pieces by pieces,
I know this part, i know this part,
Was all i could start,
I got to be that lovely lady i got that man’s company,
Everything sailed smoothly forward,
Until it got to the last,
Boom!, Boom!, Boom!,
Oh what is this, i asked my man in black,
“Run baby run! They are after us!”,
Was all he could stutter,
A loud voice made my ears go numb,
My eyes started shutting out,
I couldnt help wonder the reason,
“My love!, My baby!,
Oh! What they did to you?”,
I heard his voice, fading into oblivion,
With much effort i looked up to my chest to find it full of blood!,
“Dont die, live for me”,
Was all he could stutter,
“Dont worry about me, ill  be fine”,
Was all i could utter….



3 thoughts on “MOVIE IN PIECES…

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  2. Very interesting. BTW, in reality, we watch so many movies in parts and pieces. I am not sure if you are referring to any particular movie here through your poem – or any movie that inspired your thoughts šŸ™‚

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