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On a strange day,
On a strange hour,
I heard my doorbell ring,
I peeked out of the hole of my door,
To find someone to be seen,
Who was it i could not guess,
Ive never seen him before,
It was a strange little man with a strange little beard,
With a strange little voice and hair,
He had a little bag,
Which was very strange,
And was filled up to the rack,
“Can you help me out with this?”,
Β  His strange little voice echoed in my place,
“Tell me what i can do for you”,
Was my reply to his echo,
He asked me directions to a place, listening to which i got startled!,
Oh! My, he wants to reach, hes asking for my house!,
But why my house? Why not something else? i couldnt get the answer,
Ive seen this man never before,
So maybe he could be a thief,
I should be careful of him, he can do anything with me!,
Yes, i know, you go leftwards then go to right then centre,
You will reach your destination safely,
Was my wrong, stupid answer…..


PS. I know its stupid, but i cant help it! 😦


14 thoughts on “STRANGE

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  2. Awesome poem. It makes us think who the man was – very enigmatic poem, must say. Enjoyed guessing the man. You will not believe, after reading few initial lines, i thought it might be Santa Claus because last week, i wrote an article on him, which is yet to be published. My mind was still brooding over him. πŸ™‚

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