Have you ever wanted to be a part of that ever lively, cheerful, grand, festive family?….i dont think anyone will be able to understand what im saying in the above line, so maybe i should start from the beginning…
Yesterday, while searching my almirah for some clothes to wear, i overheard the voices from the television screen coming from the next room…i guess mom was watching one of her usual daily soaps…i went on the border of my room to look at exactly what she was watching so intently…i saw some program in which  there was a big, wide family preparing for their son’s wedding…everyone was so happy, so full of energy, it seemed like big strong vibes of happiness had filled their big wide house….
Now this was happening in a serial, but it just seemed and always seems so damn real to me….why? Because there are families like this which exist in reality…you know, one of those families who always have some kind of a function going on…i can even point out some features of this family:
1) almost always, they are kinda joint families…like, they have this one big building in which the whole extended family lives.
2) almost always, they have some kind of a function going on…either the marraige of someone, or birthday of someone, or the birth of a baby etc. Life is like a function for them.
3) almost always, everyone is happy…
There are these kinds of families where i live…im not making all this up…i used to be friends with a girl when i was 13 yrs old…we used to be best friends, soul sisters call it whatever you want..she even became possessive about me at a point in our friendship and even hacked my  email to get to know my password!….but we both are not friends anymore! Strange huh? anyway, ill talk about this in some other post…what ive got to say in this one is that she had such a family, a family about which ive talked above….i used to visit her house, no not house, i used to visit her mansion and all i saw was some preparation  going on for someone’s wedding, or baby shower, or for some festival, little kids roaming about, playing happily, elders relaxing on a bench talking and eating, ladies of the house enjoying their evening tea with their husbands, etc….the whole environment exuded positivity and happiness…looking back at that time now, i can clearly see i wanted to be a part of it…then as a 13 yr old and even now as a 21 yr old….
I, for some reason never got to experience all this…my family was and is always like this closed compartment in itself….when i was a kid, there used to be some kind of a celebration of festivities, but with the passage of time, everything kind of dissolved…there is no celebration to look forward to, we dont celebrate festivals with much vigour, there hasnt been a marraige in my family or in my extended family since the time i was born and everything is just going on for the sake of going on…for some reason, ive always loved the concept of joint family, call me old fashioned if you want to but i have this tendency of always equating joint family with happiness and nuclear family with moroseness…im sure that this holds true just for me and not for the rest of this world…i love my time alone but sometimes, just sometimes this lonliness starts to bite me….i have always craved for some kind of a festive celebration in my family, some kind of celebration to look forward to….i always and will always crave for that cheerful vibe to exude from all of my extended family….the joy of looking forward to something….



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