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Im sorry if im exuding negativity in this post….but i cant help it!…i just cant….this is a vent post…its ok if you dont read it….ive written this just to puke out whatever negativity has been surrounding me lately….
Ive been getting feelings from the past 1 week or so, that im going nowhere in this life!…no bloody where!….it is sickening that the things on which you worked so hard are not able to yield any return!…i really am fucked up inside….infact, i think im fucked up for the rest of my life….why does shitty things happen only to me and not to somebody else?…im not saying it should happen to someone else but when everything bad happens to me only, then i honestly wish those bad things to happen to someone else whose enjoying a good life….i know its wrong, but i cant do anything about it…when your unhappy, you wish the same on everybody else….like, this stupid test for which i worked my ass off, only to get less than a satisfactory result for it!…uggh! Honestly, I feel like giving that teacher a resounding slap on his face!…wish i could do it…bloody idiotic man….ive never seen a man like him in my life…i wish something bad could happen to him…no, not something that bad, but a little bad thing should definitely happen to him….
I honestly dont think i will be able to pass this fucking semester…and what will happen after that? I dont have a clue!…ill leave studying for sure….ill assume that the field of studying is not my calling….but if this is not then what is my fucking calling?…its like, im failing in every damn area of my life!…success is not my cup of tea, ive known that for a long time now….but i wished life would soften a bit for me ahead….seems like all its doing is becoming more and more hard….every new thing in which i set my foot becomes like a prison hole from which i die to get out….every morning i get up irritated, with bad thoughts roaming around my head….the feeling is sickening….
The disadvantage of having a set of narrow minded parents like me is that you cant go to some other field of your choice except from academics…. despite the fact that i love my  parents, the fact still remains that they still are   kinda orthodox, narrow minded couple….
My thoughts have taken the best of me….this is clear from the fact that Ive been envying my maid’s 3 yr old daughter these days!…she seems so happy, so lively, so positive and shes more than ready to go to her playschool or school or wherever she goes every morning….wish i could have that kind of readiness in me everyday to go to the university…
Do we grow up only to find ourselves surrounded with problems which have no solution to them?


13 thoughts on “I NEED TO VENT!

  1. Wow. A lot of this sounds like me a few months back. I still experience some of it now tbh. Pursue happiness. All problems have a solution. Everything down has an up. Keep your head up.

  2. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. You will fail more and more and more but it will only make success that much sweeter. Don’t give up.

  3. Don’t fret , Finish your academics and then do whatever you want. No point in being frustrated.As they say accept what you cannot change.

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