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Honestly, im kinda tired off my life racing in front of my eyes…it seems like the years are just slipping by in front of me with even greater speed than ever before…days!..well, days just go by in the blink of an eye!…before i know it, a whole damn week comes to a finish pushing time furthur and furthur ahead…like, this year….i just dont know how the months flew by even though i was sitting idle at home more than half of this year!…
In times like this, having another 3,600 seconds  would seem like a much needed break has been added to my life.. .but do i really want it? And what the hell will i do with it? I can do many things, study, relax, take a hot bubble bath, buy some clothes for myself, read funny books, watch those a stupid tv shows some more, surf internet aimlessly, go on a long run, or on a long evening sunset walk, sleep some more, do more of those things that make me happy, introspect on my life, finally meet that guy whose been dying to take me out for a long time, etc., etc., etc.,…..
But do i really want to stop time for another hour to do all this? Am i so afraid of the speed with which its flying?…i guess the answer is no…im happy in this speed accelerated life of mine and ill go wherever it takes me….



2 thoughts on “WITH THE SPEED OF TIME!

  1. Days fled by when I was younger, but now I find they take forever to pass, and yet a week will fly by before I notice, and where the heck did the year go? Time does very odd things I find 🙂

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