I study a subject called Nationalism.
My nationalism teacher, while teaching us the concept of nationalism in greater detail, said something really interesting which caught my attention (although only for a fleeting moment)…he said that in India, people have a gusted holiday on the day of ramanavmi, that is, the day when lord Rama was born, to celebrate the birth of someone who infact never really existed!….all this just to foster an ‘imagined’ nationalist sense among its people…just to instill in them that they are one and different from the others….and the means to achieve this oneness is to instill  imaginary ideas among the people living there….and this happens not only in India but throughout the world….
Wherever we live throughout the world, we are all just binded into believing that we are one, different from the others and the means by which we are made to  believe  this is nothing but imagined!….we are all ‘imagined communities’ inhabiting different parts of this world!….


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