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you still seem to care about me,

you still seem to show concern,

you still want to see me healthy,

even though its you whose unhealthy,

your heart becoming weak,

with each passing week,

i cant take it no more,

cant see you worrying about me no more,

your worry forms puddles of water in my eyes,

and everytime you show concern,

it bursts out of my eyes,

like angry clouds bursts water outside,

water, which they can no longer hold,

tears, which i can no longer hold,

i know this habit’s inherent in you,

you dont have it in you to stop it,

but why dont you understand?,

another week more,

and you will not be left anymore,

your worry tears me up everyday,

little by little,

from the inside,

im scared,

that by the time of your final goodbye,

there will be nothing left in me,

nothing to tear away,

alas, now your gone,

ive got nothing to remind me of you,

except your worry,

which you unneccesarily did for me

[this has been on my mind for a very long time…if i can describe the last days of my grandmother’s life of on this earth, this would be it]


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