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She looked herself in the mirror,
Got greeted by her reflection,
which had in its capacity,
To break her a little more from the inside,
As it always did,
which carried with it a history of her tears,
Which could be stared at for a long long time,
Not because its aesthetic to the eye,
But because its its opposite,
She runs away from it, terrified,
Scared as if shes seen a ghost,
Creates a big foam in her hands,
And rubs it till the wound like scars lightens in color,
The lightness is just temporary,
She knows that well,
So she tries to erase it from the outside,
But no amount of makeup,
Can hide the scars so deep,
Whose after effects are not only skin deep,
They are soul deep,
She looks at other girls,
Laughing, playing and just being,
All of this seemed so natural in their world,
But so unnatural in hers,
She tried to defy its unnaturalness,
Went out to become one of them,
She wished to give them all she got,
In return, wide eyed stares was all she got,
She was used to them by now,
But everytime she received them,
It still hurt like hell,
Her inside screamed to puncture the eyes which stared at her,
So that they could feel the pain,
The pain, that she felt everyday,
The pain, which had become a part of her being,
A pain, which carried a piece of her identity with it,
She didnt need that piece,
Didnt need that identity,
Longed to be seperated from it,
But seperation was so not written in her fate,
A fate which she’d been bestowed from above,
Looking at those girls,
She simply closed her eyes,
And once again asked god,
The question that shes asked so many times before,
“Why me?”
The answer of which still eludes her…


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