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A wonderful summer,
Full of fresh sunlight,
Given out by the rise of a fresh sun everyday,
And lonely days spent at home,
Greeted me everyday as i woke up,
I enjoyed it thoroughly, absorbed those idle days  deep into the soul of my heart,
So that even if they are gone,
I can still feel them again,
Alas, now they are gone,
But their memories still remain, in the core of my soul,
What sadly beautiful days were those,
Made me  fall in love with their lonliness,
It became my companion,
Because thats the only thing i had,
Woke up to their sheer predictableness,
Yet not feeling over whelmed by it,
Isolation was never so peaceful, not a care in this whole wide world,
Each day, I welcomed them with open arms
Revelled in the protection that they offered,
Protection from the world outside,
Stepping onto which, my insecurities came alive,
And threatned to eat me up from the inside…..



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