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My pet peeve are those girls (and guys too sometimes) who are so obsessed with taking their Selfies everywhere and then they go and make a collage of their photos in different angles and post them on facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc….
Another peeve is towards those persons who share one  photo everyday in order to get attention from their huge friendlist, and get more likes and comments…it becomes even more stupid when they put on filter over filter on their photos and at the end their photo turns out to be completely different than what they look in reality….bloody narcicisst mentality…one of my classmate uploads her selfies in various angles on whatsapp and then write her status (which is meant as a caption of the photo) ‘this girl is soo hot’…i mean what stupidity…!



4 thoughts on “SELFIE PEEVE

  1. Or what about the infamous individuals who post 6 pictures on Instagram in one day, at the same event, in the same outfit, and posing the same way, just with different people! I don’t think we need to see every single picture you took with every single person that night; just pick one! What’s more so, is posting 20 pictures to Instagram of every aspect of one’s experience in a given day (save this for Facebook where you can create an album). I think we can establish a general rule of thumb here; just pick one picture that sums up your entire day/night/experience! Thanks for letting me vent!

    • hahaha your right! these people have got a kind of obsessive compulsive disorder regarding their pictures about which they dont know!…i think these people should get themselves treated!

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