If the machine takes me into my life’s past, then no, i would definitely not board it…im happy in my present only, but if the machine takes me into my future then also im not boarding it….coz ill see my future when the right time comes, theres no point in seeing it from a point of view of the future… also, life is too boring for me as it is, i dont wanna make it more boring by seeing the future now, and then knowing exactly how my life would proceed ahead…
But, as a potential historian(hehe), i have some questions whose answers i seek and for  seeking those answers, i have no option but to go to the past…some of the questions that are bothering me lately are:
I really wanna know exactly how feudalism developed in europe….im reading different views of historians all the time and each has come up with his own thesis…right now, there is a debate going around whether even the word  ‘feudal’ is correct in describing feudalism…each and every book i read makes the origin and development of this process even more complicated….that makes me wonder what really happened in the carolingian period during the reign of charlemagne?…how exactly did the concept of being a ‘man of another man’ originated and developed?
I want to know how much truth did the ancient epics of mahabharata and ramayana embody? What really went into the minds of those who wrote or compiled it….there are soo many different versions of them that i wonder exactly what story did the original one embody?
I want to know what was really going through marx and egnels head when they wrote the communist manifesto? Especially now that most of their principles regarding an idealised socialist soceity are failing.
Was reformation really connected with the rise of capitalism? What if Max Weber’s thesis written with such confidence is wrong? Who knows…it could be…afterall, he was not there when that great event took place!
Most of all, i would like to go back to those wonderful paleolithic, neolithic, chalcolithic times when largely hunting gathering prevailed…when people of this world were not divided by caste, creed or colour…when there were no names….when there were no countries….i wanna know how exactly the first human came into being…it must be truly incredible, to watch a human being evolving from a bacteria…i read somewhere that humans have manipulated nature so much that now there is no distinction between the nature and the artefact…i wanna go back to the times when nature was completely untouched by the hands of human…i wanna experience that ancient atmostphere, i want to smell the scent of those flowers which must have been extinct by now, i want to drink the water of a newly formed ancient lake!…
But i think that if ill get answers to all these questions then theres a probability that this discipline of history would come to an end….you see, each successive historian gives his own view which is seperate and distinct from that given by  the one before him and thats how this discipline grows….if ill collect all the right answers then i fear there would be no history left to explore…..so, as much as i want to go into the past, its bettar that i stay in the present only!



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