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Honestly, I hate these places, (especially train stations) simply coz of how crowded they are…also, i may add one  more place to this list and that is bus stations or bus stops…more than the crowd of these places, another and perhaps more important reason why i dont really like these places is because of the fact that they, atleast for me if not for anyone else, embody a permanent state of ‘wait’….yea, and i dont like waiting….whenever i pass by any of these places especially, bus stops, i look out of the window of my car to see the frowned and irritated expressions of people tired of their waiting and wishing it to come to an end either by the arrival of their bus, or of their train…
But a fact that i really like about these places is their anonymity…there are so many different unknown faces that gets you to wonder what each one of their story are….what if the girl standing besides you with her bags packed and waiting for her plane is actually waiting for another life that can only be granted to her on the other end of the world….




  1. As a person who travels regularly by waiting I can say this, waiting is a part of life. Thing I learned after almost 3.5 years of college is to have patience. Otherwise I’ll end up irritated and get in to fights with the first person who shoves me in the train

  2. What is it about bus stops that gets people so angry and fractious? None of us are mad keen on waiting, but i don’t understand why bus stops make it so much worse. it’s like they have personal clouds of irritability you walk under when you wait there πŸ˜€

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