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does anyone else feel a boredness of a terrible kind when your parents are at home?…maybe yes, maybe no…but if your anything  like me, i guess you probably must feel it…anyway, ive kind of noticed this pattern…my parents are not at home  most of the time and on most days its just me and the house…including, ofcourse, the presence of my sister…no one else…it can become damn boring but as boring as it becomes, ive got to admit that i like it this way only, not to mention the terrible pang of irritation that we get when the doorbell rings…even the arrival of our maid irritates me…theres something so addictive about having an empty house all to yourself with no one to intervene…ive lost count of how many days ive spent home alone…again, theres something addictive about being alone…you may hate it at first, but after sometime, you want  more of it…although my university session has started so i really dont get the time to spend all day at home but even the slightest prospect of staying at home alone all day excites me,now even more than it used to do before…the surprising fact about it is that even though i stay at home all day with nothing to look forward to, and knowing exactly how my day would start and come to an end, i still dont feel bored in the real sense of the word…its only when someone starts to stay with me for a day or two that i feel the terrible pangs of boredness hitting me up…while in actuality, the situation should be reversed…i think staying like this has made me a terriblly boring person…its kind of difficult for me to strike up a conversation with anyone now, but i really dont care about it anymore…




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