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Whenever i have a big day ahead of me (in my case, the big day is always the day of a big exam passing in which becomes a matter of life and death for me)….needless to say, im always damn nervous a night before that day…ive noticed a pattern in my behaviour

before that day…im perfectly calm and composed for sometime, and then suddenly, out of the blue, i begin shivering, not in my body, but its my brain that starts shivering….and then, all the bad thoughts start to come one by one, and then suddenly all together…i feel like nothing’s gonna go right and that im destined to fail….then after sometime, the thoughts vanish and im my usual self again…..how do i calm myself? …i calm myself by talking to those classmates who dont feel any kind of nervousness a day before the exam…..you see, theres always some of those people in every class who are made up of a different what can i say? Genes?, yea, different genes who dont feel any kind of tension whether they are going to pass or fail….they are in a mood of laughter a day before and its because of talking with these kind of people that i rest my nervous brain…



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