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Brother Kartik,
I hope you never read this letter of mine…ive been told to free write so i thought why not take this opportunity to write something to you….i know that ill never able to say you this in person but i really want to tell the world that you are one of the most arrogant person ive  met in my life…your 10 years older than me so i cant say anything like this to you in person but i wish i could say it to you…perhaps someday i will, though i really doubt it….
I really dont know why you act like the way you act in front of me…and why in the world you suddenly decided to block me from your life…its been more than 6 years now that a proper conversation took between both of us…dont you get it? We havnt talked properly in six damn years..your so grown up you’ll soon get married in about a year or two but still you cant let go of your this kind of behaviour in front of me…do you even remember how we used to play together in childhood…you used to give me a ride in your bicycle and told me ghost stories….
Well, time is coming to an end…i hope you remember me someday..
Your sister



2 thoughts on “DEAR BROTHER

  1. Sounds like someone you can do without. Family aren’t always good for us, but I hope you find a way through this which leaves you happier and maybe even with a repaired relationship.

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