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My weeklong vacations have started and honestly, im feeling daayyum good about it…even though i know that its only one week long (and one week flies by in the blink of an eye!), i know that after this one week things will go by in a very fast pace (and i dont think that ill be prepared for it), and after this one week ive got two tests and one assignment to submit (for which i havnt even started preparing) and most importantly, this week’s end will leave me with just about one month until my semester starts (a fact about which im damn scared!) but still im loving this short break from, from life? Haha yeah, from this daily life of mine which just seems to be getting tiring and more tiring with each passing day…im loving this short break coz:
1)ill finally get some days where ill just be in my house by myself with nothing to worry about…you know, i just loove staying at home with only myself to care about.
2) this one’s silly, but it still means a lot to me….ill stay protected from the heat outside! 😉
3) i can study in peace…its really a very difficult task to study in working days with your tired body forcing you to go to bed instead of study…
4) im going out!…after about a looong gap!…i love staying at home but once in a while i really like to go out…honestly, im dying for a nice drink, but i dont think that im gonna be drinking there but yeah, im just happy that ill get all dolled up for it…ive even decided what to do with my hair! ill poker straight them all! Ive even ordered a heat protectant for that purpose! I hope it reaches me on time…haha
So yeah, and ive forgot to mention a last reason why im happy about these vacations
5) im really excited about winters…a lot of people here will not agree with me, but i kind of looove winters for its own reasons…finally, a respite from this scorching hot weather…


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